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Pakistan: Gilgit Marxists Freed of Terrorism charge, Receive Heroes' Welcome

Dear comrades,

Yesterday 5 out of 12 comrades were released from Gilgit Jail. They were welcomed by thousands upon there arrival in Hunza. I was told by Nasir, brother of Baba Jan, that over 350 vehicles made the caravan to bring them home. It was great reception for activists who were just known as comrades of Baba Jan.

They were released after the Chief Court ( Supreme Court) decided to do away with the decision of Anti terrorist court to sentence them for life.

Baba Jan and others are not released as they are facing some more cases and in an other case Baba Jan is sentenced to life as well.

However, the acquittal of the comrades in this major case is a great news.

Thank you all for your consistent support for the release of the comrades.

We are planning to send some three nationally known lawyers to Gilgit when the next hearing come for Baba Jan at Chief court. Hope that will push the judges to think again and again to ratify the anti terrorist court decision.


Farooq Tariq
General Secretary
Awami Workers Party