An Appeal to friends, supporters, readers

Radical Socialist has been organising and carrying on political work for five years. As we consolidate, we are getting into more and more work. For a small revolutionary group, we have a high proportion of full time activists. This enables us to be mobile, to take part in trade union work, women’s movement work, environment and agricultural movement work, etc. We have comrades who are active in defence of people threatened with eviction in the name of development, in campaigns against nuclearisation, in campaigns for industrial health and safety, and other work.
At the same time, we are publishing a Bangla journal, a website, and after the Conference this year, we have decided to launch an English and as soon as possible a Hindi journal.

All this political work requires money. A revolutionary organisation has only one source of funds – funding from members/supporters/sympathisers. We have a target of raising, beyond our normal sources, an additional Rupees four lakhs (Rs. 4,00,000).This is an appeal to readers of our website, to readers of our journals, to those who have seen us work in trade unions and other mass movements, to come forward and assist us. To put the Rs. 4,00,000 in perspective, we are providing a rough budget for 2014-15 (12 months):

Transport for several full time activists –Rs 288,000

Four issues of the Bangla journal – Rs 40,000 – 50,000

Three issues of the proposed English journal – Rs. 40,000

Organising public programmes– Rs. 50,000

Leaflets, printing, etc – Rs 50,000

Regular/routine work of the organisation – Rs 40,000

Website maintenance – Rs 10,000

Annual Conference cost (transport, conference holding, related issues): 60,000

This is a rough guide, as we have said. There are other expenses which small radical organisations, or left wing organisations make. For example, in organising the unorganised (and currently, a very large part of the Indian working class is unorganised) initial funding for trade unions also often have to come from the activists initiating the process.  Members and close supporters are already making regular donations. But we need more funds. Thus, the current issue of Radical is held up due to paucity of funds.

We appeal to friends and supporters to make generous donations. We are not an NGO. And we are of course not the government. You do not get a tax break for donating to us. However, when you donate to the PMs Relief Fund, you spend your money because the state does not tax the rich and look after the needs of crisis ridden victims of calamities. By contrast, in donating to us, you are saying that you would like struggles against the ruling class to intensify.

We therefore ask for substantial donations, and regular donations. Those who are located in cities where we have activists, can pay in cash and get receipts. Those who live elsewhere can send cheques made out to Sushovan Dhar.

For further discussion, you can write to us at our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.