International Women's Day in Vadodara

Published on Saturday, 12 March 2011 11:10
Written by Radical Socialist

International Women's Day in Vadodara

Sahiyar, Olakh and Shishu Milap organised a joint programme on International Women's Day at Vadodara. The programme was held at the amphitheatre in Kamati Baug. A total of about five hundred persons, men and women, activists and school and college children, participated.
A number of plays and skits were presented, on women's equality, its various facets, and so on. But the principal programme was the performance of Le Mashale, by Ojas Suniti Vijay. Le Mashale (Bearing Torches), is a play about Manipur, the Armed forces Special Powers Act, the repeated violence by the Indian armed forcesa, and the unique struggle of Irom Sharmila Chanu, who has been on hunger strike for a decade. Ojas, a Maharashtrian, says, “It’s important that someone from mainland is doing this play (written by Malayalam writer Civic Chandran).”

Nearly a hundred students and youth from various parts of North East India, not just Manipur, attended the programme, and a few spoke about the AFPSA and how any protest was branded terrorist byt the government and brutally repressed.

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