Statements of Radical Socialist

Radical Socialist statement on Nagaland Murders

The murder of thirteen workers in Oting village, Mon district, Nagaland, is the latest case in myriad cases where the army has used extreme violence against citizens of India, and has remained sheltered behind the law. The false and undemocratic ideas about national integration and a homogeneous India, which the rulers of India have sought to portray since independence, has  repeatedly led to perversions of behaviour by the Centre, never more so than by the Modi government. The murders in Nagaland are the latest addition to these. That Amit Shah in Parliament delivered a trite speech saying the centre ’regretted’ the killings, that an SIT has been formed, and remarks that such ‘incidents’ should not happen in the future mean absolutely nothing. What gives the army impunity is the very existence of laws like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The current killings are absolutely the responsibility of the current central government. But the Congress, which is today shouting about it, is the party that passed the Act in the first place. Repeal of AFSPA must become a mass movement, not petty parliamentary scoring for a few days.

Radical Socialist:

·        Condemns the killings of the workers and condoles their families.

·        Demands the repeal of AFSPA

·        Demands the trial of the soldiers and officers responsible for them on charges of murder

·        Demands compensation for the families of every murdered worker


7 December 2021