Statements of Radical Socialist

Statement of Radical Socialist (West Bengal unit) Concerning the Recent Communal Violence in Bangladesh

Radical Socialist condemns in the strongest language the setting of fire on idols and Durga puja  pandals, temples, destruction of homes belonging to minority Hindus, killings, in Comilla and other places in Bangladesh over the issue of keeping the Quran underneath an idol in one Durga Puja place in Comilla, Bangladesh. Radical socialist demands that the guilty people must be identified and immediately subjected to exemplary punishment.

Already, leftist and progressive forces in Bangladesh have come out on the streets to protest and resist. And meanwhile the BJP-RSS Sangh family is trying to use this to further carry out communal polarization in India, notably in West Bengal.  They are busy trying to show how Hindus are under threat. But they want to erase from public understanding the reality that this is a worldwide problem faced by minorities.

This is the trauma of Muslims in India and Palestine, of Hindus in Bangladesh, and the Rohingya ethnic community in Myanmar, who are also Muslims.

Radical socialist supports the defence of the rights of minorities, whether in India or Bangladesh or any other corner of the world.

The geographical area of South Asia, which had been formerly a British colony, has seen one communalism sustaining another, helping each other grow. The ruling classes of the concerned countries fully utilise these, and internationally, the big economic and political powers in their geopolitical rivalries also fully use these conflicts.

Accordingly, in this geographical area, leftist and progressive forces have no alternative to abandoning narrow nationalist positions and joining the struggle together.

Radical Socialist believes that in this sub-continent in the struggles against fascism and communalist fundamentalism all leftist and progressive forces must work unitedly regardless of which country they are in.

Radical Socialist, West Bengal unit