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Radical Socialist on CBI raid, Narada Case

Let there be Proper Inquiry for the Narada Case, but Resist the Conspiracy of the BJP, the Central Government, the CBI and Governor Dhankhar

Radical Socialist 17 May 2021

The Narada Sting operation was carried out in 2014. Its tape came into the public domain

shortly before the 2016 elections. Those tapes certainly showed that bigwigs including Mukul

Roy, Suvendu Adhikary, Saugata Ray, Shankudev Panda, Madan Mitra, Firhad Hakim, Sovan

Chattopadhyay and a few others were willing to provide ‘assistance’ in exchange for money,

or showed interest in getting special help, etc. The case began from 2017. So there is little

connection between the actual legal process and selective arrests of Firhad Hakim, Subrata

Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Sovan Chattopadhyay on 17 May 2021.

1) None of those who have gone over to the BJP have been arrested.

2) The arrests were carried out using a special trick. Taking advantage of the Assembly

apparently not having sat, it was argued that the governor is the lawful authority, and his

signature was obtained. Even a child will understand that this is nothing but a conspiracy by

the BJP cum the Central Government.

These arrests at this particular juncture showed that in the guise of pursuing a case, the CBI is

acting in an utterly biased pawn in the hands of the Central Government and the BJP. The BJP

had attempted to raise a storm in West Bengal, had spent nobody knows how many tens of

millions of rupees, had turned the Election Commission itself into another player for its side,

and yet had failed to win the elections. Rather, compared to 2019, the result has been

considerably poorer. Yet this time, during the elections, Modi and Amit Shah had attempted to

directly take on Mamata Banerjee in a US Presidential election style one on one contest. So

the defeat came as a big blow to them.

So the issue is not, whether there had been corruption or not. The corruption had been shown

directly in the sting videos. Had the CBI truly felt the necessity of arresting, they could have

demanded the arrest of all the accused a long time back, and all together. Moreover, it is

worth noting that because a number of MPs were implicated, the matter had gone to the

Parliamentary Privilege Committee, which met only once, and proceeded no further after

Mukul Roy changed from TMC to BJP.

The tactics used to arrest the four was also deadly. The post of the governor was used, a gap

of a few days found, so that the arrests could be carried out. Clearly, the decision was taken to

destabilize the incoming TMC government after the BJP was badly trounced.

We are opposed to the Trinamul Congress. But those who think that in the current situation

the CBI, the BJP, the Central Government and the Governor Dhankar have not conspired

together to commit a terrible crime, are at best being willfully blind. Those who have been

arrested were not trying to flee with a foreign visa. And people with far worse criminal

accusations, or even convicted by lower courts, are moving around, thumping their chests,

provided they are in the BJP. 

The law will of course take its own course. But the arrests at this juncture did not flow from any

legal necessity. Rather, a central government and the ruling party, that in alliance with the

Election Commission, tried to win the West Bengal elections and in the process acted as a

superspreader by setting up an eight phase election, a central government that has abandoned all

public responsibility and has handed over duties to provincial governments yet has not even

released the money owed to states for Goods and Services Tax, a BJP which in power in various

provinces has arrested people for seeking oxygen, for seeking vaccines, they are clearly trying to

use the pandemic for their own narrow gains. Evidently they think that if the pandemic spreads in

West Bengal, the state government will be discredited, and they will be benefitted. Finally, it must

also be understood that this is exactly how the post of the Governor has been used in Kashmir and

in Delhi to enhance the powers of the centre. So this struggle is necessary to resist fascism. 
In this situation we feel:

• The BJP is taking two different stances in parliament and in the province (through the

Governor). This is a straight political fraud and has no connection with halting corruption.

• Governor Dhankar is following in the footsteps of predecessors like Dhawan, S.S. Ray,

acting like a stooge of the centre, and this shows why the post of governor itself must be


• Right now, the main task is to prevent spread of the pandemic. The BJP has never performed

that task. But they are also unable to accept the flat rejection given to them by the people of

West Bengal. Hence we must be alert and active against the BJP.

• But that does not mean supporting the Trinamul Congress. We must move out of the binary

created by the BJP since 2013—the binary saying either corruption or BJP (which actually

means communal violence plus super corruption). We must tell Chief Minister Mamata

Bandyopadhyay directly, unitedly, that just because her party has won the elections does not

mean that people accused of corruption, with video evidence shown widely, should get a clean

chit. By keeping them in high posts, and meanwhile harassing all kinds of militant protestors

in this province, she has shown that she too is a right wing, albeit regional ruler, a patron of

corruption. So we must fight against the BJP and all its weapons, for democratic rights, for the

federal character of the country and for the preservation of human lives in the pandemic, but

keeping fully our independence from the TMC.