National Situation

NTUI appeal for solidarity with Maruti workers

The Executive Council of the New Trade Union Initiative unanimously adopted a resolution at its meeting on 16-17 September 2011 in Kolkata in solidarity with the Maruti Suzuki India Limited workers in Manesar,Haryana. The New Trade Union Initiative strongly condemns Maruti-Suzuki management’s illegal,unjustified and unwarranted lockout imposed at its Manesar plant since 29 August 2011 after insisting that its workers sign a “good conduct bond” as a condition to enter the plant. Both these actions amount to gross unfair labour practices and the imposition of the “good conduct bond” by employers has been held to be an act of “force” and “coercion” by the courts. The NTUI also condemns Maruti-Suzuki management’s continuing violation of the laws of the land and failure to uphold the Indian Constitution which guarantees the right to association including forming and joining a trade union.


Download PDF: NTUI appeal for solidarity with Maruti workers