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A Victory for the Maruti-Suzuki Workers

A Victory for the Maruti-Suzuki Workers


Delhi, 17 June 2011: The New Trade Union Initiative wholeheartedly congratulates the united workers of the Maruti-Suzuki Manesar plant for their victory early this morning in striking a 4-points Settlement with the management of Maruti-Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL). Through their unbreakable stand, the striking workers have asserted that the Freedom of Association and the Right to Organise are inalienable rights of all workers.

The Marutis-Suzuki Employees Union (MSEU) member and have bravely and consistently resisted the pressure to withdraw the registration application for their union, while facing intimidation and coercion not only from the MSIL management, but also from different avatars of the Government of Haryana itself.

The settlement’s terms that the terminations on the eleven terminated workers would be withdrawn and the workers will be taken back with no immediate punitive wage cut beyond 13 days of no-work is a leap forward for the workers struggle in the region. In the history of industrial disputes in MSIL no workers were ever taken back when terminated. This marks a new trend in the belt, and the MSEU will be remembered for making history.

The determination shown by the united workers in ensuring a final outcome where the no victimization clause is applicable to all workers in the plant, beyond permanent workers including contract, temporary, trainee and apprentice workers, is key to the success of this battle and of the battles to come.

And the struggle continues
The management is already declared that it would not allow workers to choose their representatives freely, by stating that it will not accept outsiders. In line with its shameless backing of MSIL’ management the Haryana Labour Department has declared that it will not accept the application for the registration of MSEU. The Government of Haryana will continue to act in collusion with the MSIL management to violate the Constitutional right of the Maruti-Suzuki workers, but workers in the belt will be ready to again stand united for the next round of this struggle for the recognition of their rights.

Building a new leadership of young workers
The young leadership that has emerged from the Maruti-Suzuki strike will be central to ensure that the trade union movement in Gurgaon will deepen further, taking the queue from the unconditional support provided by the Maruti-Suzuki Solidarity Committee. The battle to come will require a militant struggle in the entire auto belt and further into the region combined with a legal battle for the recognition of the legitimate MSEU.